Sputnik Gillette Rubie Plus & Wilkinson Sword Safety Razor Blades

Executive Shaving supply mainstream wet shaving products such as Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving creams but our real strength is the huge amount of hard to source and artisan products we stock from all over the world. Our latest offerings are Russian made Sputnik and Gillette Rubie Plus Safety Razor Blades. You certainly won't find these blades in your local supermarket or barber shop.

Sputnik: These blades are Teflon coated which maintains the sharpness of the blade and delivers a smooth, close shave. Sputnik is by some distance the top selling DE blade in Russia.

Gillette Rubie Plus: Some say these are the best double edge safety razor blades you can buy. Rubie blades are platinum plated; expect smooth, close and comfortable shaves. I reckon they're as sharp as Feather but unlike after using Feather I don't get any post shave rawness under my jaw line. I really like these blades.

As well as hard to source Russian made blades we also sell Wilkinson Sword, they are mainstream as you can find them easily online and in barber shops and supermarkets. However, we have them available in a Trade Pack of 100 individual blades.

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