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Most aftershaves contain a fair amount of alcohol. Applying alcohol to freshly shaved skin is not a good idea as alcohol dries the skin and drying the skin after shaving is the last thing you want to do. Shaving removes some of the natural oils that are in your skin, these oils are essential for a healthy complexion.

Proraso's brand new Sandalwood scented after shave splash is highly recommended as is contains natural moisturisers including Shea butter and sandalwood oil. It does contain a tiny amount of alcohol denat, without this the ingredients would separate in the bottle; additionally alcohol denat is typically derived from sugars, mostly from corn. Alcohol denat is very volatile. Simply put, it evaporates rapidly –much more rapidly than water therefore it will mostly evaporated as soon as it's released from the bottle.

The purpose of an after shave is to soothe, cool and tone freshly shaved skin. I usually use an after shave balm after shaving but this morning I tested Proraso Sandalwood After Shave and on a warm morning it provided a wonderfully refreshing pick-me-up experience. I really enjoyed the slightly tingly feeling it gave me and I was very impressed with its fresh, woody scent which reminded me of the 'after the rain' scent you get from parkland immediately following heavy rain.

In addition to Proraso, DR Harris Pink After Shave, Taylor's No74 Lime and St James fragrances are OK to use on sensitive skin. Taylor's Jermyn Street after shave is completely free of alcohol.
There are a few others we recommend and I hope you enjoy browsing our selection of skin friendly after shaves.

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