Shave like Bond

James Bond is known for his guns, fast cars and being impecabbly well groomed at all times.

Since Spectre is due for release on the 26th of October, we've compiled a list of products that just say "Bond".

Geo F Trumper Eucris was worn by Bond in Ian Fleming's 'Diamonds Are Forever'.

In the short story '007 in New York' Bond lists the shops in New York that he suggest:
"Hoffritz on Madison Avenue for one of their heavy, toothed Gillette-type razors, so much better than Gillette's own product"
Hoffritz were famous for their slant head safety razor, however the one mentioned appears to have been an open comb one.
Hoffritz razors were made by Merkur in Solingen, Germany and re-branded specially for Hoffritz. They are no longer in production, however Merkur still make the same razors without the Hoffritz branding. The 37C and the 15C are the modern equivalents to both the slant and the open comb safety razors that Hoffritz were renowned for.

in 'Skyfall' Bond is shaved by Moneypenny using a black handled cut-throat straight razor. All the information we could find on this razor was that it was a German razor with a black handle. So the closest we can suggest would be the Muhle RM30, a fantastic straight razor made in Solingen Germany.

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