Razor Burn - What Is It and How To Prevent It

Razor Burn - What Is It and How To Prevent It

What is Razor burn?

Razor burns are burning sensations and irritation more often than not caused by applying too much pressure with the razor. When this happens, you do not create a protective barrier between your face and the razor resulting in friction burns.

It appears as a mild rash and usually disappears after a few hours to a few days, depending on severity. In severe cases, razor burn can also be accompanied by razor bumps, where the area around shaved hairs get raised red welts or infected pustules.

Razor burn is a common problem, especially among those who shave coarse hairs on areas with sensitive skin like the bikini line, underarms, chest, and beard.

Causes of Razor Burn

The condition can be caused by:

Shaving too closely shaving with a blunt blade

Dry shaving

Applying too much pressure when shaving

Shaving too quickly

Shaving too roughly

Shaving against the grain

Preventive measures

Ways to prevent razor burn include:

Keeping the face moist

Using a shaving brush and lather

Using a moisturising shaving gel

Shaving in the direction of the hair growth

Resisting the urge to shave too closely

Applying minimal pressure

Avoiding scratching or rubbing the skin after shaving

Avoiding irritating products on the shaved area (colognes, perfumes, etc.)

Using an aftershave cream with aloe vera or other emollients

Use a disposable razor cleaning tool, such as Razor Gator, to lower bacteria present on the razor head

Use pre-shave oils and a high quality brush and soap to ensure a rich soapy barrier and do not apply too much pressure.

Use after shave balms or oils to soothe the skin.

Watch our wet shaving video tutorial to see how to avoid razor burn when shaving.

Healing Razor Burn

Ways to heal razor burn include:

Applying witch hazel

Applying mild salicylic acid solutions

Applying aloe vera gel

Applying cold water

Executive Shaving Skin Care Products To Treat Razor Burn

Using a good quality pre shave treatment, shaving cream and aftershave balm will help to prevent razor burn during shaving. You can find our recommended products by clicking the links below:




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