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Discover the joy of wet shaving and turn shaving from a chore to a pleasure.

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Turn Shaving from a Chore to a Pleasure

Better For Your Skin

Shaving with only one sharp blade against your skin will help eradicate irritation including razor bumps, ingrown hairs, razor burn etc. Using the correct products before, during & after your shave will provide superior comfort, protection & nourishment to your skin.

Better For Your Wallet

Although the initial outlay is higher than some other shaving products, your wallet will benefit in the short to medium term. Safety razors and brushes will serve you for many years, often for life. Replacement safety razor blades cost as little as £0.25 as opposed to expensive multi-blade cartridges. Our consumable products such as oils, creams & balms are extremely long lasting, often giving you more than 6 months of daily shaves.

Better For The Environment

Safety razors blades are fully recyclable and will not end up in landfill or the ocean like harmful mixed material cartridges. Our products are packaged in recyclable packaging and nothing is ever tested on animals.

Who are
Executive Shaving?

Established in 2006 and based in Glasgow, Scotland, Executive Shaving is an expert in all things shaving and grooming. Our ethos is driven by quality, fairness and trust with personal care and attention given to each and every customer. We are unashamedly proud of our Scottish identity and heritage but equally proud to be an outwardly-looking, passionate advocate of sustainability and the environment. This is instilled into everything we do; from the selection of brands stocked, to the ingredients that go into our products. It is our mission to turn shaving from a chore into a pleasure — and we love talking about it.

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