Pinaud Clubman After Shave Lotions

Pinaud has been a byword for excellence in men's classic fragrances since it was created in 1810 at the House of Ed Pinaud in Paris.
With the creation of the Clubman brand, the trademark French dandy logo was created to adorn the label. He became a symbol of the enduring quality of Pinaud Clubman after shave.

Today Clubman after shaves and colognes have gained a cult following from men of all ages. Featuring exotic fragrances such as Vanilla, Musk and the unforgettable Bay Rum which is a huge seller at Executive Shaving.
The quality of Pinaud Clubman has gained many famous fans over the years, most notably Bob Hope and Kirk Douglas, both men of sophistication and style, the hallmarks of Pinaud Clubman.

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