Parker Leather Wash Bags for Travel

Parker Leather Wash Bags

Parker Leather Wash Bags, choose from three:
Small, it may be small-sized but this versatile wash bag is ideal for a few days away on business or holiday. There's room inside for your shaving essentials, toothbrush and travel toothpaste. If you travel with a small suitcase or carry bag this is the wash bag for you.
Medium, this is simply a larger size version of the small Parker Wash Bag but with a handy zipped side pocket. Choose this one if you need to carry more than the bare essentials with you.
Standard Size, this is the one for men who may be away from home for a week or more at a time and for men who like me, travel with far too many shaving/grooming items. It has a side carry strap which can also be used for hanging the bag on a hotel door hook. Made from buffalo leather, this grade of leather is known as saddle leather, it's very hard wearing and in time it will develop its own individual patina.
All Parker Wash Bags are internally lined with hard-wearing, wipe clean, waterproof nylon, they also benefit from hard-wearing metallic zips. The leather is very high-grade and the small and medium size bags feature contrast yellow stitching.

Check out our three videos to discover which one best suits your personal requirements.

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Parker Leather Wash Bags are handmade from quality leather, a quick look on the John Lewis website shows run of the mill wash bags at £69.95 and £42.00 and they look nothing like the same quality as Parker.

Value for money, high-grade leather and old school, handmade, craftsmanship all this and more from Parker.
Small: £20.00
Medium: £26..50
Standard: £29.99

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