The Outlaw has Evolved...

Outlaw 316L Stainless Steel Safety Razor

Why Choose The Outlaw?

100% 316L Stainless Steel

The Outlaw is machine tooled from 316L stainless steel. The head is made to extreme tolerances (+ or - 0.05mm). The outer surfaces have been hand polished to a mirror finish. 

Ultra Secure Grip

The Super Grip handle is deeply knurled so it feels comfortable in the hand whilst also providing a reassuringly firm and secure grip, even when wet. 

Two Handle Lengths

The Outlaw has been designed for optimum control and balance while shaving. You can choose between the Standard & XL handle depending on your preference.

Low Profile, Wide Head

The Outlaw features a low profile head which makes shaving awkward areas easy. It's also a great safety feature as it ensures the tabs are not exposed at the ends. 

The Outlaw is hands down the best safety razor I've ever used.

The weight and balance are perfect, making it easy to achieve a close shave with no irritation. I'm delighted with this and highly recommend it to others!

Robert, e-Commerce Manager

Executive Shaving Outlaw Stainless Steel Closed Comb Safety Razor

The Executive Shaving Outlaw Double Edge Safety Razor is an all stainless steel closed comb razor that will provide a smooth, efficient shave.  

The Outlaw is machine tooled from 316L stainless steel. The head is made to extreme tolerances (+ or - 0.05mm) from two solid blocks of stainless steel and the the outer surfaces were hand polished to a mirror finish.

Featuring a low-profile wide head, shaving with the Outlaw is easy and you will achieve a close shave in just one or two passes. Fewer passes leads to less post shave irritation. The wide head also ensure the blades are fully enclosed so the tabs are not exposed at the ends.

The knurled handle feels comfortable in the hand yet it delivers a superb, reassuringly firm grip when wet. Designed for optimum control and balance, you can choose between two handle lengths.

Fully compatible with any double edge blade and suitable for all levels of wet shaving experience.

Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Presented in a fully recyclable branded box made from agricultural waste.

Choose your handle size below.


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