OneBlade – An Introduction

OneBlade – An Introduction

OneBladeThe OneBlade family of razors was born out of a desire to bring the original barbershop shaving experience into the home, or more importantly the bathroom, of every man who shaves in the morning. That smooth, flawless shave achieved with the minimum of fuss and without causing irritation.

The figures behind the development of the OneBlade razor are truly staggering, 12,480-man hours of research and development, 1,010 different prototype razors designed, made and tested, an investment of $1,000,000 which all took two years just in research and design before a final production model was ready.

All this time and effort lead to the birth of the OneBlade Genesis, Core and now Hybrid single edge razors.

The techy bit

OneBlade Core and GenesisThe real achievements in the OneBlade are the very things you don’t see, never mind the shiny handle or the fancy materials, the important aspects are the angles and measurements. The razor features a blade exposure of 0.15mm, a blade gap of 0.65mm, for the blade, which is aligned at a precise 31.3 degrees. The optimal pivot mechanism of the head had been engineered precisely to maintain these angles perfectly on your face during your shave.

The OneBlade razors have been designed to work with blades from the finest blade manufacturer in the world – Feather of Japan. All OneBlade razors use the Feather FHS-10 Hi-Stainless blades. This blade is approximately twice the thickness of a standard double-edged safety razor blade, which gives it a better angled cutting edge. With the quick-load blade mechanism, you can change your blade in seconds. Simply slide it in to use and then slide it out when it needs changed.

OneBlade AnglesThe OneBlade also possess a unique ‘Active Floating Blade Approach System’ or AFBAS. This means that the razor head is designed to allow the blade to float (move) in it. This gives the blade exceptional forgiveness and improved comfort which prevents nicks or cuts during shaving.

You can read a more in-depth review of the OneBlade Genesis written by Brian, our shaving expert here. He took a Genesis razor home to shave with. Find out what he thought of it. You can also watch our YouTube video review of him shaving with it here.

Why should I buy a OneBlade?

OneBlade in useIt’s better for your skin.

Forget about fancy metals, finishes or gimmicks, the reason for buying a OneBlade is that it is better for your face to shave with just one razor blade, rather than a razor that has 3, 4, 5 or even 6 metal blades all scraping across your face at one time.

The single edge blade of the OneBlade cuts the beard hairs on the surface of your skin, it doesn’t pull them up and cut them below the surface level, like a cartridge razor does. This means the OneBlade is designed to deliver zero razor bumps, ingrown hairs or nick and cuts.

The thicker Feather FHS-10 blades are surgically sharp so will cut through all types of beard growths with the minimum of fuss.

OneBlade Blade ChangeIt’s easy to use

If you have been using a typical plastic cartridge razor to shave with, then you will find the OneBlade razors very easy to get used to. The shaving technique is very similar to the one you are currently using. You don’t have to worry about shaving angles, blade alignment etc, the razor does all this for you.

If you have made the change to traditional wet shaving and are using a double-edged safety razor, it will take you about 5 to 8 shaves to get to grips with the OneBlade. Unlike your safety razor you don’t have to think too much about it, just lather up and go, the razor will keep you right.

You can read Brian’s thoughts on why the OneBlade is better for your skin in this blog post - Single Edge Razor Treats Skin Problems.

It’s better value.

Investing in a OneBlade razor means you have a razor that lasts a lifetime. The OneBlade Genesis and Hybrid razors are covered by OneBlade’s ‘Guarantee for Life’.

The blades are much cheaper than the expensive cartridge blades for sale today. A packet of 10 FHS-10 blades retails for only £6.50, that’s only 65p per blade. Each blade can last anywhere between 3 to 5 shaves. Compare that to the cost of a Gillette Mach3 cartridge which averages around £1.80 per blade and only lasts 1 to 2 shaves.

You will make considerable saving over the lifetime of the razor on blades alone.

It’s better for the environmentOneBlade eco logo

Unlike the complex plastic and metal blades supplied for cartridge razors which go straight in the bin, then in to landfill, the steel blades used by the OneBlade are recyclable.

Learn How To Shave With A OneBlade Genesis Razor

To help you decide on whether to go for a OneBlade razor or not, check out our video guide below. In the video Brain demonstrates how to get the best shave by using a OneBlade Genesis razor.

The OneBlade Family of Razors

Currently the OneBlade family includes the entry level Core razor, the mid-priced Hybrid and the premium all steel Genesis.

OneBlade CoreThe OneBlade Core

Engineered from high grade Tritan polymer, the Core features a stainless-steel rod insert inside the handle. This gives the razor improved stability and balance.


OneBlade HybridThe OneBlade Hybrid

As the name suggest the Hybrid fuses the best of both the Core and the Genesis together in to one fantastic razor. The stainless-steel head delivers an exceptional shave, paired with the Core Tritan polymer and steel handle for perfect stability and balance.


OneBlade GenesisThe OneBlade Genesis

The Daddy of them all, the multi award winning hand-assembled, stainless-steel Genesis razor.

Made from the very finest German steel and hand-assembled to the highest tolerances, the Genesis delivers an imperious shave. Now available in its original steel finish and a limited-edition gunmetal finish.
It is all the razor you will ever need. The best razor in the world? We think so.


We even have two limted edition OneBlade razors the Genesis Copper and the Genesis Black, for those of you who prefer something a little special.

Browse the entire OneBlade range which includes razors, shaving cream, aftershave balm, razor holsters, brush stand and blade bank.

Check out the Core, Hybrid and Genesis razors below.

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