Norton Waterstones - A Guide

Norton Waterstones - A GuideNorton Honing Stone

The Norton Abrasive is a truly superior sharpening system, the Norton Waterstones combine craftsmanship with the latest abrasive technology.

You use water for a lubricant and flushing agent on Norton Waterstones . They're easier to clean than oilstones and they won't leave an oil residue on your tools. These fast cutting stones give you feedback as you work, so it's easier to feel and maintain the correct angle as you sharpen.

Using Norton Waterstones

The 4000 grit stone (for establishing an edge) needs to be filled with water to cut efficiently. Water also flushes away metal particles, preventing the surface of the waterstone from becoming clogged. This keeps a fresh, sharp cutting surface at all times. Immerse the stone in water for 10 minutes prior to use and keep the stone surface wet during sharpening.

The 8000 grit polishing stone (for a mirror finish) needs only a splash of water on the surface to cut properly; soaking is not necessary.

Edge Maintenance

4000 - The 4000 grit is a unique sharpening stone. Although it's fine grit, it is designed to cut-not polish. It leaves a refined edge that can be brought to a mirror finish quickly on the 8000 grit stone. Use the 4000 grit stone before the final polishing, for a more consistent, longer lasting edge.

8000 - The 8000 grit has been designed to give a non-slippery controlled feel to this important step. When used in conjunction with the 4000 grit stone, it creates a polished, long-lasting edge in a very short time. Mirror finishes that were once hard to achieve are at your fingertips.

Norton Waterstones available from Executive Shaving:

NORTON WATERSTONE with Sharpening Station - 4000/8000 Grit

NORTON WATERSTONE with Sharpening Station - 8000 Grit

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