Muhle Shaving Gift Sets for Safety Razors & Gillette Razors

MÜHLE Shaving Sets - The Perfect Gift This Christmas

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Muhle Rose Gold Shaving SetMuhle shaving sets make the perfect gift this Christmas. Suitable for all budgets, they are made in Germany to the highest quality possible. Choose from rose gold, faux tortoise shell, chrome and black acrylic colours to match your bathroom.

Muhle razors and brushes sit perfectly on bespoke shaving stands which allow the shaving brush to dry naturally by aeration and keep the razor safe and out of harm's way.

Muhle's Hexagon Range features funky colours and hexagonal shaped handles on the razors and brushes, designed by the award-winning designer Mark Braun.

No matter which set you opt for you know it will be well made, after all, German made - quality assured!

Browse through the shaving sets below. If you need any help deciding on the right one, just give us a call on 0141 880 3040. You can find our full range of shaving sets here.

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