Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Mothers Day text with pink flowerOkay guys, Mother’s Day is fast approaching so whether you are buying a gift yourself, or a gift for the kids to give to Mum, treat her to something nice this year.

New Ladies Perfume from Pocket Scents

We are delighted to bring you three brand new ladies perfume from bespoke perfumer Pocket Scents.

Neroli Forte eau de parfum is a ladies perfume that can best be described as ‘the very essence of the Italian coast’. This fragrance is packed with pungent neroli, delicate orange blossom and a hint of jasmine all of which develops on a base of warming amber. Possessing great longevity and projection, the lucky lady will be getting compliments all day with this fragrance.

Narcotic Noir eau de parfum is another perfume that will excite and delight the lucky lady this year. Bursting with notes of orange blossom, pear, jasmine, liquorice, vanilla, patchouli, cedar and cashmere wood, it possesses the trademark longevity and projection of all Pocket Scents fragrances, meaning it will linger all day.

Partnering both Neroli Forte and Narcotic Noir is Molecule Scent extrait de parfum, a unisex scent that can be used to devastating effect by both women and men alike.

On its own this fragrance is very subtle, almost undetectable to the wearer, however, it gives off a very noticeable scent to those around you; one that is different for each individual. It is great for those who don’t want that overpowering ‘bathed in perfume’ smell.

However, this perfume really comes in to its own when used as a base layer before applying your regular perfume on top. Molecule acts as an anchor and enhancer, boosting the appeal of any fragrance and adding a stunning new dimension to it.

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Mother's Day Gift Set Ideas

From Arran Scents of Scotland, these gift sets are the ideal present to give to the one you love this year.

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Small Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Looking for something small to pop in with Mum’s present this year? Below are a selection of small suggested gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

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