Merkur of Solingen - An Introduction

Merkur of Solingen - An IntroductionMerkur of Solingen

The Merkur company and Merkur brand name were taken over by Dovo in 1996. Today Merkur of Solingen is a subsidiary of the Dovo of Solingen company manufacturing Merkur shaving equipment for the Dovo range. Merkur shaving accessories are manufactured and distributed to meet worldwide demand.

Merkur of Solingen offer high-quality brushes in the appropriate Merkur design with specially selected badger hair trimming.

Merkur Philosophy

The philosophy behind Dovo and Merkur is that of 'Quality'. The name "Solingen" is synonymous with quality German craftmanship and the hot-forge manufacturing process used. Solingen also relates to the region of manufacture hence the terms Dovo of Solingen, and Merkur of Solingen.

Merkur Of Solingen - Product Range

Merkur of Solingen specialises in Safety Shaving Razors, including the ever popular 34C double edged safety razor and the Futur adjustable safety razor, both are available in our Merkur safety razor section.

Merkur shaving equipment includes such items as:

Merkur safety razors

Merkur razor blades

Merkur shaving sets

Merkur shaving accessories

Merkur chrome shaving bowl

The Executive Shaving Company are proud to include such quality names as Merkur in our product range. Click here to view and purchase Merkur products.


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