Specially Selected Body and Face Soaps at Executive Shaving

Check out our men's Face & Body Soaps from around the world, there's a huge range of scents from some great brands. Lather up in the shower or bath with soaps from England, Spain, Sweden, Portugal and Scotland. Top brands include Taylor of OId Bond Street, Arran Aromatics, Geo F Trumper, Truefitt & Hill, Aqua de Colonia and Royal Swedish.
Have you tried our top selling Lime & Patchouli soap yet?
Now's the time to get three for the price of two, our soap is handmade in Scotland and it's all natural. The scent will blow you away!
Order today and get it in time for Christmas.
PS: Victoria of Sweden do a wonderful Christmas Santa Scene soap and a Reindeer Scene soap, each box contains 2 x 140g triple milled bars that are beautifully scented with Cinnamon, Ginger, Oranges and Clove, these soaps will enlighten your senses with Christmas spirit.

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