Geo. F. Trumper - An Introduction

Geo. F. Trumper - An Introduction

Geo. F. TrumperGeo. F. Trumper was first established in 1875 in London, by Mr George Trumper and has served the needs of gentlemen for over 125 years. Honoured with the Royal Warrant of Queen Victoria and five subsequent monarchs the two London based Geo. F. Trumper shops continue the tradition of excellence, meeting the grooming needs of gentlemen including figures in government, industry and the entertainment world.

Geo. F. Trumper History

Geo. F. Trumper grooming products are used worldwide with the Trumper company introducing new fragrances to meet changing preferences while retaining the original favourites. All Geo. F. Trumper bottles are hand filled with attention to detail that makes a company such as Geo. F. Trumper stand out. Geo. F. Trumper is recognised as the finest traditional gentlemen's barber in London and is known throughout the world for its matchless range of gentlemen's fragrances and Geo. F. Trumper grooming products. Their range of skin foods is highly popular worldwide while their shaving creams and soaps regaulary feature in 'top 10' lists on the shaving forums.

Geo. F. Trumper TodayGeo. F. Trumper

Today Geo. F. Trumper offer a traditional wet shave with an open razor. Geo. F. Trumper also offer clients a “shaving school” where gentlemen are taught the best technique for their skin and choice of razor. Geo. F. Trumper also provide a professional chiropody service.
Geo. F. Trumper offer a vast choice of colognes including the GFT, Eucris, Wild Fern, Skye, Curzon, Astor and their classic Sandalwood and Extract of West Indian Limes fragrance. Their unique Spanish Leather cologne is a fantastic fragrance, one that appeals to both men and women alike.

Geo. F. Trumper shops in Curzon Street, Mayfair and Jermyn Street, St James's are unrivalled in the services they offer. The Geo. F. Trumper original Curzon Street shop remains beautifully panelled in mahogany. Geo. F. Trumper products are available worldwide. Traditional yes, very traditional - but modern too, Geo. F. Trumper is one of our favourite brands.

Geo. F. Trumper Products

Executive Shaving hold a great selection products from Geo. F. Trumper, view the complte range on the Geo. F. Trumper brand page.

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