Dovo Of Solingen - An Introduction

Dovo Of Solingen

The Dovo of Solingen company was founded in 1906 by Mr Dorp and Mr Voos hence the name Dovo however shortly before the second world war Fritz Bracht took over the Dovo of Solingen company. With the introduction of the electric razor and cheap throwaway razors, Dovo needed to create a second source of income. The Dovo of Solingen company began producing hair scissors and accessories for hair salons worldwide.

The Dovo of Solingen Product Range

The Dovo of Solingen range includes:

Dovo Hair and Thinning Scissors
Dovo Household and Professional Scissors
Dovo Skin and Nail Scissors
Dovo Cuticle and Nail Nippers
Dovo Manicure Sets

Dovo of Solingen also make a range of exquisite shaving accessories including Dovo shaving brushes, Dovo stands, and Dovo open razors or cut throat razors. The famous Dovo 'Bismarck' open razor with its distinguishing Black handle is also part of the Dovo range.
The name Dovo is synonymous with quality, as they say Made in Germany, Quality Assured and vorsprung durch technik!


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