Castle Forbes - Scotland's Premier Perfumery

Castle Forbes - Scotland's Premier Perfumery

Welcome to Castle Forbes Collection of fine fragrances, shaving creams and aftershave balms for men. Created in the tiny perfumery at Castle Forbes in Scotland, elegantly packaged and carrying the family crest.
Some say the Castle Forbes men's range of shaving creams, aftershave balms and fragrances are the very best in the world, that's some claim and in our opinion they are certainly at least the equal of any other brand out there.
Try the magnificent 1445 Eau de Parfum and you'll be hooked for life. Their lavender shaving cream is an essential must have if you have sensitive skin while their lime and 1445 shaving creams must surely be the nicest scented shaving creams money can buy.

You can browse the complete Castle Forbes Collection.

About Castle Forbes

Castle Forbes was built in 1815 by the 17th Lord Forbes, Scotland’s premier Lord and Chief of the clan Forbes. The perfumery in the castle grounds is inspired by the beauty of the countryside and the plants and flowers growing in the grounds. First created in 1996 when a former dairy building behind the castle was converted into the world's smallest perfumery.

Today the name Castle Forbes is most closely associated with its collection of fine fragrances and their world famous shaving creams. Which are all presented bearing the Forbes family crest, a sign of the provenance and heritage that goes in to producing each item.

The Castle Forbes Collection

The Castle Forbes Collection Essential Oil Shaving Cream

Castle Forbes of Scotland offer a refreshing range of essential oil shaving creams in various natural fragrances for the discerning gentleman. Manufactured in The Castle Forbes Perfumery as part of the Castle Forbes Collection of fine fragrances and gifts for gentlemen. Elegantly packaged in Scotland.

Options Available:

Lime shaving cream 200ml tub - ideal for skin prone to shaving nicks and cuts.

Lavender shaving cream 200ml tub - ideal for sensitive skin.

1445 shaving cream 200ml tub - good for all skin types.

Sandalwood and Cedarwood shaving cream 200ml tub - suitable for all skin types.

Castle Forbes Aftershave Balm

Castle Forbes offer a refreshing range of alcohol free aftershave balms for the discerning gentleman, including the famous Lavender essential oil aftershave balm. The Castle Forbes aftershave balms are fragranced only with essential oils and are free of alcohol, parabens and added colours, making them perfect for those who suffer from sensitive skin

Options Available:

Lime aftershave balm 150ml - helps your skin to recover after shaving, especially nicks and cuts.

Lavender aftershave balm 150ml - this is the one to use if you suffer from sensitive skin.

Cedarwood & Sandalwood aftershave balm 150ml - a soothing balm, suitable for all skin types.

1445 aftershave balm 150ml - a sensational after shave balm that possesses a light, fresh accord of ferns and grasses.

Castle Forbes Pre Shave

Using a good quality pre shave is recommended when preparing your face and beard hairs for shaving. Castle Forbes Pre Shave is one of the few that is water soluble, so it doesn’t clog your shaving brush, razor or leave any sticky residue on your skin or in the sink. It adds extra lubrication or razor glide helping protect your skin during shaving.

Castle Forbes Colognes

Castle Forbes offer a refreshing range of unique and distinctive Eau de Parfums - natural spray for the discerning gentleman. These EDPs contain up to 15% essential fragrance compounds, which increases their longevity. Your fragrance will last throughout the day or night, without reapplication.

We currently have the following Castle Forbes EDPs available:

Special Reserve Neroli - a luxurious balance of three incredible fragrances from the Bitter Orange Tree - Neroli, Petitgrain and Bitter Orange, combined with a clean, woody base.

Special Reserve Vetiver - subtle notes of Vetiver oil, citrus, blue cypress, cedar wood and black pepper oils, create a cool, fresh fragrance that lasts.

Gentlemens - the Gentlemens Cologne evokes the bracing stimulation of the Highland air. A citrus complex introduces oakmoss, lavender and a green heart of ferns on a base of precious woods.

1445 - 1445 celebrates the date the Clan Chief was honoured as the First Lord of Scotland. A light, fresh accord of ferns and grasses is supported on a base of precious resins giving this timeless fragrance a modern twist. (Also available in after shave balm)

Forbes of Forbes - Forbes of Forbes is based on accords of green herbal and pine notes supported on a soft amber base. This is a distinguished aristocratic scent

Keig - Keig is an invigorating and zesty blend of lemon, lime and bergamot oils on a heart of sandalwood and cedarwood.


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