Castle Forbes 1445 Range at Executive Shaving

Castle Forbes 1445 Range at Executive Shaving

This delightful trio of magnificent men's shaving and grooming items benefits from the most amazing scent imaginable. Lots of grasses and fern supported on a base of lavender, tarragon, lemon and bitter orange which blended together is peerless in an industry dominated by old school scents. The shaving cream was launched on 14th November 2017. Castle Forbes is a Scottish brand based in Aberdeenshire.

Eau de Parfum:
1445 Eau de Parfum from Castle Forbes, the world's smallest perfumery, is a luxurious, timeless fragrance with a modern twist.

Aftershave Balm:
Castle Forbes 1445 Aftershave Balm is a soothing balm that uses natural witch hazel to gently soothe the skin, while moisturising the shaved area without leaving a sticky residue.

Shaving Cream:
1445 delivers sublime razor glide and cushioning, your razor will effortlessly glide over the contours of your skin no matter how tough your bristles are.
A little goes a very long way with Castle Forbes shaving creams; expect 5-6 months daily shaving from one tub.

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