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Our User-Generated Content Brand Ambassador Program is designed for those who are eager to share their creativity with us, whilst being rewarded for it! Are you passionate about Executive Shaving products? Then, we want you as our Brand Ambassador! Simply sign up, send us your content & reap the wonderful benefits if we feature your content!

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Unlock exclusive perks and privilege

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Access to Exclusive Discounts

Ambassador-only savings with your own 15% off unique discount code.

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Earn points when we feature your content.

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Priority access to giveaways.

Need some inspiration?

Things to consider to make your content stand out:

Record your videos vertically with a 9:16 aspect ratio

Film in a bright, clear space (facing a window will produce the best lighting!)

Ensure your surroundings are clean and clear

When recording audio, speak clearly and loudly, annuciating your words

Frequently Asked Questions

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