Adjustable Safety Razors Customise Your Shave

Adjustable Safety Razors Customise Your Shave

In a world of fixed head safety razors, the few adjustable varieties offer the wet shaver a high degree of flexibility when shaving. Being able to adjust the level of blade gap and aggression of the razor during shaving means you can reduce skin irritation and get the perfect shave every time.

An adjustable safety razor allows you to change the amount of blade exposure and the angle the blade protrudes from the head of the razor. The more blade that's exposed the closer the shave you'll get. Some users start off with their razor on a high setting for the first pass then turn it down for follow up passes, where there is little stubble left to cut through. Others find the exact setting that suits them best and stick with that.

Merkur of Germany makes two adjustable razors, the Futur and the Progress. The Futur benefits from a sleek, modern design while the design of the Progress is a retro throwback to the styling of the 1950s.

Rockwell Razors have two very different types of adjustable razor the Rockwell Razors 6S and 6C razors, which feature a handle and a top cap and various baseplates with varying blade gaps. The Rockwell Model T2 is a more complete adjustable razor which allows easy change of the setting during shaving and pairs that with a butterfly opening mechanism for easy blade loading.

The very best adjustable safety razors can be found from Rex Razors. All their razors are made from marine-grade stainless steel and delivers excellent performance. Being stainless steel, they will last a lifetime. The Rex Ambassador is an adjustable safety razor, the Rex Konsul an adjustable slant safety razor and they both give incredible performance.

A good adjustable razor gives you complete control of your razor and lets you get the perfect shave you need every time. 

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