Shaving Soaps

Shaving Soaps

Shaving soaps are great value for money, they deliver fantastic lubrication and protection during shaving and they last for many, many months.

There are two types of shaving soaps: Hard Shaving Soaps and Soft Shaving Soaps. Hard soaps will last for a very long time, whilst soft shaving soaps lather up much more easily.

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  1. Executive Shaving Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap Lime Scent 100g
    The Executive Shaving Company
  2. Martin de Candre Original Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl
    Martin de Candre
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The Executive Shaving company is delighted to be able to offer to you a selection of the very finest, exquisite and luxurious shaving soaps from some of the most world-renowned manufacturers.

We have scoured Europe and the rest of the world to bring you these soaps, we have tried and tested them ourselves to make sure they deliver during shaving. Each of these wonderful shaving soaps have their own unique properties and each will help deliver to you the most amazing shaving experience you've ever had.

Every shaving soap promises to provide a rich bountiful lather that will effortlessly lubricate, soften and moisturise the face, allowing for an incredible shaving experience every time.

There are two types of shaving soap in our range: Hard Shaving Soap and Soft Shaving Soap.
A hard shaving soap has been milled multiple times to remove the water from it, this creates a very hard soap that creates a rich, luxurious lather. These hard soaps need to be worked up using a good, stiff shaving brush.
A soft shaving soap has a consistency more like putty, not a soft as a cream, but pliable in the hands. These soft soaps are best lathered up with a good quality shaving brush. They are available in a cornucopia of scents and delivery fantastic performance.
Hard or soft, a good quality shaving soap should last for many, many months. The Martin de Candre soaps have even been known to last for more than a year.

For more information on shaving soaps, you can read our Shaving Soap - What Is It and Why Use It page.

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