Shaving Creams

Shaving Creams

We always recommend using a shaving cream because they are easy to lather up and are great value for money.

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  1. Extro Cosmesi Felce Shaving Cream & Aftershave Set
    Extro Cosmesi Felce Shaving Cream & EDT Aftershave Set
    Extro Cosmesi by Donato Ciniello
    Regular Price £30.30 Special Price £27.30
  2. Simpsons Luxury Shaving Cream Cafe Latte (125ml)
    Simpson Shaving Brushes
    Out of stock
  3. Musgo Real Classic Scent Shaving Cream (100ml)
    Musgo Real
  4. Truefitt and Hill Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream Pot 190g
    Truefitt and Hill
  5. Truefitt and Hill Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream Tube 100ml
    Truefitt and Hill
  6. Truefitt and Hill 1805 Shaving Cream 190g
    Truefitt and Hill
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Executive Shaving is proud to present our comprehensive range of luxury and natural shaving creams. A good quality shaving cream is essential for a close, irritation free shave, especially if you have sensitive skin.
Our own range of natural shaving creams has been specially created to our own specifications. That is all natural ingredients, no parabens, no alcohol, no harsh chemicals and no artificial colourants. Just good, natural ingredients, to make the best shaving cream possible.

Why use a shaving cream?
It softens and lifts the beard for a close and comfortable shave.
It protects the skin from irritation and razor burn by lubricating the razor blade and providing a cushion between the blade and your skin.
It leaves the skin feeling ultra-smooth and conditioned.

How to use Shaving Cream
Plop some shaving cream into a lathering up bowl and whip up a rich and creamy lather using a shaving brush and a few drops of warm water.

When the brush is loaded up with lather, paint this into the bristles.

Alternatively, swish your wet shaving brush into a shaving cream pot and paint the cream into the bristles until the bearded area is covered in a rich, creamy lather.

If need some help choosing the right shaving cream, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
You can 'phone us on +44 (0)141 880 3040, email us, use the We are here! Livechat function on the website, or you can join our Facebook Diamond Club for advice, recommendations, new product launches and more.