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Pre Shave Treatments

Pre Shave Treatments

We recommend using a pre shave treatment before shaving to help reduce irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. All the pre shave treatments below soften the beard bristles ready for shaving and add an extra layer of lubrication and protection for the razor.

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Pre Shave Oil | Pre Shave Soap | Pre Shave Gel | Pre Shave Cream | Pre Shave Balm | Pre Shave Sets

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Welcome to our complete range of pre shave treatments.
Here you'll find the best pre shave soaps, pre shave gels, pre shave balms and pre shave oils which soften your bristles leading to a close and comfortable shave, free from irritation.

You'll love our own Executive Shaving Water Soluble Pre Shave Oil, no oily residue, it doesn't clog up your razor and brush, it also softens your bristles and delivers the perfect lubrication layer.
For a more revitalising shave our Fuar Ach Snog minty water soluble pre shave oil will help wake you up in the morning.

We also stock pre shave treatments by Castle Forbes, Claus Porto, Fitjar Islands, Geo. F. Trumper, Proraso, Taylors of Old Bond Street and Truefitt & Hill.

Pre Shaving treatments soften beard hair and moisturise your face providing the perfect base for a close, comfortable shave, thus resulting in a comfortable shaving experience with no razor burn, rashes or dry, blotchy skin. Importantly, using a good pre shave treatment will help the razor to glide over the contours of the face and not dig into your face.
Many experienced wet shavers finish off their shave by applying some shaving pre shave oil or soap to their face and shave using this instead of a soap or cream to get the desired 'baby bum smooth' ultimate shave.

Pre Shave Oil

Unlike oils of the past the Executive Shaving pre shave oil is water soluble so there is no mess, no oily residue and they don’t clog up the sink, your razor or your shaving brush. Both deliver incredible lubrication during shaving and are an essential part of a wet shaver’s routine. They are also suited for use on sensitive skin.
Not sure about the effectiveness of a pre shave oil? You can find out why it works in our Does Pre-shave Oil Work page.

Pre Shave Soap

Pre shave soap cleanses your face whilst preparing your beard bristles for shaving. Check out our own Executive Shaving Lime and Patchouli All Natural Body and Face Soap which is ultra-moisturising and all-natural.
Fitjar Stubble Softener is a black soap specially designed to work as a pre shave, you can read all about it from Jorun the Fitjar soap maker in her Fitjar Stubble Softener: Just another black soap? Blog post.

Pre Shave Cream & Geo F Trumper Skin Food Lotions

Proraso pre and post shave cream and Geo F Trumper skin foods are top sellers, use before shaving to soften the bristles and provide a lubricating layer for the razor. Apply on the shaved area after shaving to soothe, cool and moisturise the skin.

Confused with all the different types of pre shaves to choose from, you can read our What Is The Best Pre Shave Product? blog post for some guidance.
If need some help choosing the right pre shave for your skin, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
You can 'phone us on +44 (0)141 880 3040, email us [email protected], use the We are here! Livechat function on the website, or you can join our Facebook Diamond Club for advice, recommendations, new product launches and more.