Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Our default recommendation on shaving brushes today is to buy a synthetic fibre shaving brush. These new generation shaving brushes perform to the same standard as the top-quality badger hair brushes, but without any of the drawbacks. They don’t smell, they don’t fan out, they dry quicker, and they don’t drop any hairs. They are stiff enough to lather soaps and creams with ease, but super-soft to touch on the face.

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  1. Muhle Rocca R96 Jet Black Shaving Set Muhle

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Synthetic Shaving Brushes available at the Executive Shaving Co.

Synthetic shaving brush quality and performance has advanced significantly from the original scratchy, nylon brushes of the past to today’s next generation super soft synthetic fibre shaving brushes.

Softer than Badger

Each individual fibre used to make up a synthetic shaving brush has a rounded tip; this gives it an incredibly soft feel, one that is much softer than anything badger hair can achieve. A key benefit of these synthetic fibres is that they have more backbone to them, so they do not splay, or fan out, as much as natural fibres do when in use. This makes them ideal for lathering hard soaps, soft soaps, creams and gels.

Longer Lasting

These shaving brushes will also last a lot longer than a traditional badger brush. A synthetic brush will dry quicker; this prevents any mould building up and any brush smell. They do not shed hairs either.

Animal Friendly

No animal products are used in a synthetic shaving brush; no badger was hurt to make one. As a result they are ideal for use by vegetarian or vegan shavers.

Top Performance

You will be surprised at just how good a synthetic shaving brush is and how well it performs.A good synthetic shaving brush creates the perfect shaving lather from shaving soap, cream or gel.

The Executive Shaving Company now only recommends synthetic shaving brushes to all of our customers as the way forward to get the very best shaving lather to help reduce skin irritation during shaving.

Whether you are a novice or expert wet shaver, these brushes deliver.

Ideal for Travel

If you use a brush on holiday or when travelling for work, a travel synthetic shaving brush is ideal. It dries quickly, packs away securely and will last for years. The travel synthetic shaving brushes perform as well as, and in some cases better than a normal shaving brush.

Browse our range of synthetic shaving brushes

Browse through our complete range of synthetic shaving brushes above, which includes brushes from Alpha, Muhle, Simpson, Vulfix and our own Executive Shaving Company brand. View our range of travel synthetic shaving brushes here.

For the very best synthetic shaving brush check out our Ultimate G4 synthetic shaving brush, super soft, it really delivers.

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