Razor Maintenance

Razor Maintenance

Take a few minutes to clean your razor after shaving with to help prolong the life of it. A good quality razor will last for many, many years, providing it has been looked after properly.
If you use and adjustable safety razor or cut throat razor, you will need to maintain them properly to ensure they work and shave correctly.

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Look after your razor and it will give you many years of shaving pleasure. Spend a few minutes caring for and cleaning your razor every so often and it will perform as well as it did when you first took it out of the box.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your razor, whether it is a safety razor, cut throat razor or straight razor will extend its life, giving you value for money and comfortable close shaves for decades.
We have carefully chosen a selection of razor maintenance products for you to use when caring for your razor.

Razor Care Products Explained:
Razor Oil – Use a few drops of razor oil to keep internal moving parts and screw threads lubricated and jam free.
Best used on razors with internal moving parts, such as Muhle R89 Twist, Muhle R41 Twist, Merkur 34C, Merkur Futur and Vintage razors. Razor oil can also be used to prevent your cut throat razor blade from rusting. Apply a few drops to the metal blade and wipe over to leave a thin film on the metal. Ideal if you don’t use your cut throat razor regularly. Remember to wash it off before you use the razor.

Metal Polish – Use a spot of metal polish to keep your cut throat razor blades gleaming, also good for removing rust spots off vintage safety and cut throat razors, this polish will give your razors a shiny 'as new' look.

Razor Blade Guard – Use this cover if you take your safety razor on your travels, it protects the head from any knocks and stops you cutting your fingers when you rummage around your wash bag.

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