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Single Edged Safety Razors

Single Edge Safety Razors

If you want to move on from a double edged safety razor, then a single edged safety razor is for you. These razors use a wide, stiffer injector razor blade that has one very sharp edge. These wider blades give a shave that is as close to shaving with a cut throat, but without the bloodshed.

If you are changing over from a cartridge razor, or want to try something different, check out the OneBlade single edge razors. They have been designed to be effortless to use and to deliver a very close shave with zero irritation.

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If you want a closer, smoother shave than you would typically get from a double edged safety razor, with fewer passes and less irritation, then you should consider stepping up to a single edged safety razor. Designed to be used with Feather Injector Blades (other brands such as Kai also are compatible), they shave closer and smoother than a standard razor blade.

The new range of OneBlade singe edge razors use the Feather FHS-10 razor blade for an effortless shave. The ergonomics of this razors head delivers incredible close shaving with zero irritation. It is the perfect razor for those changing over from a Gillette Mach3, Fusion or Wilkinson Sword cartridge razor. Read our OneBlade – An Introduction page for even more information about this unique razor.

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