Double Edged Safety Razors

Double Edged Safety Razors

The Muhle R89 safety razor and Merkur 34C safety razor are very popular razors, they both deliver a smooth shave, both are good value and both are ideal for beginners. We recommend closed comb razors to most wet shavers.
The Braveheart razor gives a more assertive shave than most other razors. Check it out if you want a closer shave, with fewer passes.
Parker Variant Adjustable safety razors are fully adjustable allowing you to chosse how close or mild you want your shave to be.

For more blade exposure try an open comb razor, the Timor Pure open comb safety razor is very effective.

Made in Japan, Feather safety razors are unrivalled in terms of quality, performance and durability.

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You have come to the right place if you are looking for a double edged safety razor. The Executive Shaving Company has the largest range of DE safety razors online anywhere. We stock safety razors from Merkur, Muhle, Parker, Above the Tie, Feather, FaTip, Timor, our own Executive Shaving brand and others.

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Our very own The Braveheart, The Mild Safety Razor and The Big Beastie benefit from solid stainless steel handles which add heft and balance to the razors head. They are available at great value prices.

A double edge safety razor will give a close, comfortable shave, it is kind to the skin (one cutting edge not like a multi blade cartridge) and it is incredibly cost effective too. A double edge razor blade will last longer than a multi cartridge blade and at a fraction of the cost.

The Gillette Safety Razor was patented on November 15, 1904, by King C. Gillette. It took six years for Gillette's idea to evolve, but he eventually came up with the ingenious design, providing an entirely new razor and blade with a safe, inexpensive, and disposable blade.
Today manufacturers like Muhle and Merkur of Solingen produce some of the finest safety razors in various types of metal finishes.

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