DE Safety Razors For Beginners

DE Safety Razors For Beginners

If you are looking for a better, more economical and ethical shave; then a good quality double edged safety razor is the place to start. If you currently use a Gillette Fusion, Mach3, Wilkinson Sword or other type of cartridge razor, then replace it with a DE safety razor to save money and improve your shaving experience.

In this section we highlight some of the best DE safety razors to start off with. The Muhle R89 safety razor and Merkur 34C safety razor are very popular razors, they both give a smooth shave, are good value and are great for beginners.

You can check out our full For Beginners section for even more help, you can even Ask the Expert.

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If you are looking to change from a cartridge razors, such as Gillette, Wilkinson Sword or others and are new to shaving with a double-edged safety razor, we have selected these safety razors from our whole range as the best ones to start with.

We advise hundreds of guys a month on the benefits of changing to a double edged (DE) safety razors. These razors are better for your skin, better for your wallet and better for the environment.

A DE safety razor blade normally lasts between 3 to 5 shaves, at only 35p a blade (Personna pack of 10 only £3.50 at 05-02-19), that works out a lot cheaper than even the cheapest cartridge offer.

Shaving with just one blade edge is much better for your skin, it helps reduce irritation, redness and ingrown hairs. Watch the How To Shave With A Double Edged Safety Razor video tutorial to find out the best technique to get the best out of your razor.

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