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Intimate Area Shaving

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It is now popular for men and women to trim pubic hair and in some cases to remove pubic hair altogether.

To help you keep your intimate area hair free, Executive Shaving has an extensive range of pubic hair removal products including:
• Battery Operated Pubic Hair Shavers
• Manual Pubic Hair Shavers
• Intimate Area Shavers
• Bikini Wax
• Bikini Waxing Kit
• Brazilian Wax
• Pubic Hair Shaving Gels
• Pubic Hair After Shave Moisturisers

How To Get Rid Of Pubic Hair
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• Tips For Shaving Pubic Hair
• How To Trim Pubic Hair
Check out our tips at the bottom of this page.

How To Get Rid Of Pubic Hair - Tips

Shavers such as The Cleancut and The Shavy are only effective when shaving stubble. Therefore you need to trim the pubic hair before shaving with a Cleancut or Shavy.
Using scissors, carefully cut off all excess hair, get as close as possible to the skin. Leave only minimum stubble – much the same as a man who needs to shave after one day without shaving.

Wash the area to be shaved in hot water. This helps to untangle and soften the stubble.

Shaving Using a Cleancut Or Other Battery Operated Shaver
Thoroughly dry the area to be shaved.
A light dusting of talcum powder will help the shaver move freely over the area to be shaved – apply sparingly.
Shave against the grain and not into the hair’s natural direction of growth. Work on one small patch of skin at a time. Gently go over the area until it is nice and smooth before moving onto a fresh area.
Finish off with Comando After Shave Moisturiser which contains herbal moisturisers, fruit extracts, vitamins and green tea and aloe which help to restore a natural moisture balance to the skin.

Manual Shaving With A Razor
This is still the most common way of removing unwanted pubic hair, it goes without saying that you should be very careful indeed while shaving your pubic area. Shaving pubic hair is best done in the shower.

Generously apply Comando Shave Gel or Proraso Cutting Edge Shaving Gel with Aloe Vera into the area to be shaved. Both products are packed with skin friendly lubricants which help the razor to glide over the skin.
Comando and Proraso are suitable for men and women.

Work the gel into the stubble for a minute or so to soften the hair and lift the hair off the skin as much as possible.

Then carefully, shave the hair in the direction of the grain NOT against the grain. Shaving against the grain (the direction of the hair growth) will result in ingrowing hairs and razor bump and burn).

Slowly shave the area, apply only a little pressure to the razor, if the blade is sharp it will cut through the stubble easily. If it doesn't – change the blade.
Repeat the process until you get the closeness of shave you require.

Rinse the shaved area so that it is free of cut hair and gel.

Apply Speick After Shave Balm to the shaved area. Speick contains extract of Speick, a combination of essential oils and Menthol, which will leave your senses feeling fantastic.

Final Word - Take Your Time, Be Patient
Like everything else, practice makes perfect!