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Intimate & Body Hair Removal

Intimate Area and Body Hair Removal

Welcome to our range of Body Shaving and Waxing products, whether you want that full Brazilian beach body look for the summer, or just want to stay trim for the gym, we have a dedicated range of products to choose from.

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If you want to shave pubic hair and or body hair we have a range of tried and tested products for you. Waxing too, get a waxing kit, for the sculpted look.

Male Pubic Hair Shaving
Keep the crown jewels area neat and tidy or give it the full bhuna, complete shave or wax.
These days it's increasingly common for guys to trim the pubic bush or get rid of all together.
Shaving is more popular than waxing, for best results trim the pubic hair with scissors close to the skin, then with a CleanCut intimate area shaver shave over the area and do this every few days, this way you'll get a very smooth, completely bare pubic area.

Female Pubic Hair Shaving
The CleanCut intimate area shaver is highly popular with the ladies, it's easy to use and it does a great job.
The Cleancut only cuts stubble, so firstly wash the pubic area, then trim the pubic hair with scissors, apply a shaving cream then shave the area with a wet razor, dry the area thoroughly then gently shave the area with the CleanCut. After shaving, moisturise the skin with either a soothing balm or talcum powder.

Male Waxing
We recommend Zeos for male body waxing, designed for sports and general use, expect 4-6 weeks of smooth hairless skin after using the Zeos Waxing Kit.

Back Shaving
Banish the gorilla look and shave your back quickly, safely and get smooth results. With a baKblade®  wet or dry shave unwanted hair from your back. baKblade® can also be used on legs, torso and chest.

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