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Meet the Team

Over the last ten years the Executive Shaving Company has grown from humble beginnings, into one of Europe's largest online shaving and grooming supply companies.
As a family owned business, Executive Shaving is run by an enthused team, dedicated to bringing you the best shaving products and the right shaving advice, so you achieve the closest, smoothest, most enjoyable shave possible.

So, who is responsible for this shaving heaven? Check out our team below.

The Executive Shaving Team

Name: Brian MulreanyBrian Our Shaving Expert
Role: Owner, Sales Director, and Shaving Expert
Quick Shaving Tip: Prepare properly, take your time and always moisturise after shaving.
Favourite Product: The Braveheart Safety Razor.
Random fact: The Executive Shaving Company has the largest online range of safety razors in the world.

If you need shaving advice you can contact Brian via our Ask The Expert page.

Name: Shona HiltonShona
Role: Owner, Financial Controller.
Quick Shaving Tip (from the female perspective): Never apply alcohol based cologne/aftershave onto freshly shaved skin.
Random Fact: A man spends 3,300 hours or 138 days of his life shaving his whiskers – I'm thinking of lost bathroom time here!

Name: Robert BurtonRobert
Role: E-commerce Manager
Quick Shaving Tip: Always use a brush to apply your shaving lather, regardless of what type of razor you use, always use a brush.
Favourite ProductGeo. F. Trumpers Spanish Leather Aftershave.

Name: Caroline GilliesCaroline
Role: International Customer Service and Marketing, fluent French and Spanish speaker.
Quick Shaving Tip (from the female perspective): There’s nothing worse than a guy with dry, flaky skin; so be sure to use an aftershave balm or soother to rehydrate the skin and keep it soft.
Random Fact: A crocodile can’t stick its tongue out.

Name: Alan BunceAlan
Role: E-Commerce, product photography and website maintenance 
Quick Shaving Tip: Always use a sharp blade, don't try to squeeze an extra few shaves out of a dull blade.
Favourite Product: Merkur 30c safety razor, a 21st century update of a 100 year old design.

Name: Kirsty ShieldsKirsty
Role: Dispatch and Packing
Quick Shaving Tip (from the female perspective): A well groomed guy is my kind of guy!
Random Fact: It is impossible to lick your elbow.



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