Male Waxing AdviceMale Waxed Torso

Nowadays much more emphasis is placed on male appearance and as a result male waxing is becoming an increasingly popular method of removing unwanted hair. Although once viewed as being a primary part of a female beauty routine, waxing body hair is now widely accepted as shaving and depilatory creams are being discovered as an ineffective waxing-for-men substitute. Due to the very physiological nature of the male body, the procedure for male waxing varies as male body hair is thicker and coarser than that of their female counterparts.

What you need for perfect male waxing

Here is a recommended list of items our hair removal experts recommend for hassle free and painless male waxing experience.

Pre wax lotion
Never underestimate the use of a good quality pre waxing lotion. This will remove all traces of oil, perspiration and bacteria whilst also cleansing the area leaving it perfectly prepared for all hair removal from waxing your pubic hair to tackling your chest hair.

Waxing spatulas
There are many forms of wax applicators you can use, ranging from wooden spatulas to reusable plastic rods. These items are especially important as they allow an even and consistent wax covering for the area to be worked on.

Latex or vinyl gloves
Working with hot waxes and the nature of the area that’s been waxed it would make sense for hygiene and safety reasons to wear a pair at all times. It is important to ensure however that the gloves you use, have grip and do not restrict movement as a certain amount of dexterity will be needed depending on the area.

Waxing strips
The key item for any effective male waxing treatment and can be in either paper waxing strips or in fabric form. This allows the user to remove the wax and the attached hair once it has been allowed to cool and set on the body. It is recommended that these strips are durable and strong to ensure that they do not rip whilst peeling.

Wax heater
Whether it’s for waxing ingrown hairs or you are considering a Brazilian wax, you’re going to need a wax heater.  Although waxing heaters differ widely in shape, size and price, it is recommended that you choose a wax heater that is quick to heat, simple to use and easy to clean and maintain.

Waxes come in a variety of different forms, ranging from hot waxes to crème wax. Many companies now produce specially formulated wax just for mens waxing. This is usually produced to allow removal of thick coarse hair and is highly recommended when male waxing.

After wax lotion
No man should ever be without this and yet it is often the most ignored item on our list. Specially formulated products such as this can gently calm and soothe the inflamed skin after waxing body hair. An after wax lotion will also speed up the recovery of the skin after the treatment and will nourish and protect the skin from further aggravation.

Precision Tweezers
Although most men wince at the thought of tweezing hair from particular areas of their body. Having tweezers will allow you to remove any stubborn hairs that cannot be removed by male hair removal wax alone. 

Steps for perfect male waxing

Ensure that when preparing your wax that you do not heat it to too high a temperature. Although it does need to be heated it should NOT be boiling. As the wax will lose its effectiveness and most importantly will burn and scald the skin.

Before commencing waxing properly test a bit of wax on a very small area to test it. This will ensure that you do not have an allergy to the type of wax you are using or any of the ingredients it contains. This is especially important when waxing particularly delicate areas such as when waxing pubic hair.

Once the above steps have been checked it is time to begin male waxing. Firstly cleanse the area with an effective pre wax lotion or antisceptic cleanser and pat it dry.

Next dust the area lightly with a dash of talcum powder.

When waxing wax should be applied in thin even lines, for the best and most consistent results it is important that the strips are done as close to each other as possible, but that they do NOT overlap.

Next place on the fabric or paper waxing strips and allow them to attach securely to the wax. When pulling these off ensure that you pull in the opposite direction to which the hair grows.

If your skin is broken, inflamed or sun burnt don’t wax it – FULL STOP. This can lead to infection which will not be pleasant and will cause the skin area to become sore.

Finally after removing the wax and hair gently dab the area with a suitable after wax lotion to cleanse, clean and soothe the skin.

Finally here's a few of our tips and tricks for waxing for men :

Try taking some painkillers at least an hour before waxing to make the experience of waxing a less painful one.

Hold your skin taunt and tight with one hand whilst the other removes the wax and waxing strip in one swift direction and movement.

You’ll need to ensure you don’t have too much hair or too little hair on the area to be waxed. Most beauticians recommending shaving the area to be waxed at least 3 weeks before attempting a procedures such as a male Brazilian wax to ensure hair in the area is at least 1cm long for waxing. For areas such as the chest it is also recommended to trim the hair to this length using hair trimmers.

Use hair growth retardant lotions, ingrown hair treatments or regular exfoliating treatments to increase the amount of time you’ll have between needing to wax.

After waxing and for a few days after it is recommended that loose fitting clothing is worn to prevent rubbing or irritation to the area that has been waxed.

Don’t under any circumstances use products on the area after male waxing that have chemicals in them. As this will react with the delicate skin pores of the area causing inflammation.

Once you have finished waxing, apply a cold compress such as an ice pack, this can prevent and reduce risk of infection and will cool the skin.