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Bath and Shower Gels

Bath and Shower Gels

These shower gels are more concentrated than those in the supermarkets, as a result you only need a tiny amount to create a rich, thick cleansing lather. Choose from such great fragrances as Spanish Leather, Lochranza, Paisley and the old school classics such as sandalwood, Tabac. And Eucris as favoured by James Bond.
For 100% ethical showering choose one from Lomond Soaps.

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Welcome to our extensive range of men's bath and shower gels. The range consists mainly of UK brands although we had to find space for the ever so popular Agua de Colonia range from Spain and the ever popular Tabac from Germany.

Made from ingredients that care for your skin whilst leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. You only need a small amount of gel to create a copious, rich, thick cleansing lather.

Our range of men's bath and shower gels includes products from the top names in men's grooming such as Truefitt & Hill, Geo. F Trumper, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Jack Dean, Tabac and some homegrown suppliers Arran Sense of Scotland, Scottish Fine Soaps and Lomond Soaps.

Choose from such classic scents as Spanish Leather, Extract of West Indian Lime, Sandalwood and Bay Rum, or try out some refreshing scents from Tabac, Agua de Colonia, Lochranza, Machrie and After the Rain.
The Eucris scented shower gel from Geo. F. Trumper is a classic that James Bond, special agent 007 used, as confirmed by Ian Fleming in the novel Diamonds Are Forever.

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