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Solid Colognes

Solid Colognes

Stay fresh throughout the day and into the evening with a solid cologne in your pocket. Each wax cologne contains a unique blend of aromatic compounds. Simply rub the wax and apply to your pulse points to release the different fragrances.

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  1. Solid Cologne Xavier Scent 0.5oz in Travel Tin Solid Cologne
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Solid Colognes are now very popular as men look to stay fresh throughout the day and evenings too. Carrying around a bottle of cologne in your pocket is simply not practical.
You can apply the fragrance at anytime and anywhere.

Solid Colognes come in small size aluminium slide-open tins that fit comfortably in your pocket, your gym bag, briefcase and car glove compartment.

The fragrance is contained within wax, applying this type of cologne is so easy, rub your finger on the wax and apply to the pulse points. Top up whenever you feel like it.

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