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Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette has a higher strength of aromatic compounds than aftershave or eau de cologne, typically around 10%. A good EDT will last for most of the evening after application.

Our large range of eau de toilette come in either a traditional splash bottle or a handy spray atomiser bottle.

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Eau de Toilette contains more aromatic compounds than either aftershave or eau de cologne. Typically, eau de toilette has 10% aromatic compounds, compared to 1%-£5 in aftershave and 7% in eau de cologne. This means it will linger for longer after application so you should still smell your favourite fragrance up to 8 hours later.

Available fragrances include:
Bay Rum
Thistle & Black Pepper
After the Rain
Eucris – the original fragrance worn by James bond.
And much, much more…

Avoid applying an eau de toilette directly onto freshly shaved skin, this will dry the skin. Instead apply it to the back of the neck, through your hair and on your chest for a lingering scent

The Executive Shaving range of eau de toilette includes such great names as Alvarez Gomez, Arran Sense of Scotland, Extro Cosmesi from Italy and Scottish Fine Soaps.

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