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Fuar Ach Snog Minty Shaving Cream and Pre-Shave Oil

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  • Fuar Ach Snog Minty Shaving Cream 200ml
  • Fuar Ach Snog Minty Water Soluble Pre-Shave Oil 150ml

Fuar Ach Snog Shaving Cream
Fuar Ach Snog is Scottish Gaelic for 'Cold But Nice' and that's exactly how this luxury shaving cream feels when applied, cool and ever so refreshing.
Faur Ach Snog lathers up easily in a bowl or when applied directly to the face with a shaving brush, only a little is needed for a multiple pass shave. Fuar Ach Snog contains Shea Butter which delivers exceptional razor glide which in turn reduces razor burn and post-shave irritation. With our Fuar Ach Snog Shaving Cream expect around 6 months daily shaving from this larger than normal 200m jar.

Fuar Ach Snog Pre-Shave Oil
Unlike other Pre-Shave Oils, Fuar Ach Snog will not clog up your razor, it will not cling to your shaving brush and it will not leave an oily ring mark on your sink. Instead, it washes off in contact with warm water.
Protect your skin from razor burn, razor bump and post-shave irritation. This water-soluble, all natural, vegetable oil based, pre-shave liquid delivers exceptional lubrication, your razor will effortlessly glide over the skin when you shave.
Suitable for all skin types, those with sensitive skin and those with tough beards should find this pre-shave oil a great help.
This liquid pre-shave solution is all natural and handmade in Scotland.
Use before shaving to soften the bristles and cleanse the skin, the softening of the bristles will lead to a closer and more comfortable shave.

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Fuar Ach Snog Minty Shaving Cream 200ml
Be aware the Fuar Ach Snog shaving cream is packed with menthol and some users have found it makes their eyes water.
250ml in a glass jar with an aluminium screw top lid, the jar and lid are recyclable.
The shaving cream is vegan and free of alcohol, parabens and artificial colourants. This shaving cream was not tested on animals - we love bunnies.

Fuar Ach Snog Minty Water Soluble Pre-Shave Oil 150ml
Size: Large 150 ml pump action bottle
Presented in a recyclable, pump top, aluminium dispenser, no waste.
Possesses an intoxicating blend of peppermint, grapefruit and lavender.

About the Fuar Ach Snog Range
All natural ingredients.
Made in Scotland.
Our products are not tested on animals.

Fuar Ach Snog Minty Shaving Cream 200ml
If you lather up in a shaving bowl:

Plop an amount of shaving cream (around the size of two baked beans) into your bowl and using your slightly wet shaving brush, whip the cream up into a mass of rich, creamy lather. Paint the lather into your bristles and shave as normal.
If you face lather:
Either swirl your shaving brush on the surface of the cream to pick up some cream or place some cream onto your shaving brush using your finger,  paint the cream into your bristles and using a circular motion gently work up a rich, creamy lather, shave as normal.

Fuar Ach Snog Minty Water Soluble Pre-Shave Oil 150ml
Dispense two or three pumps into the palm of your hand, add a little warm water, use your hands to work up a lather, massage this into your face, neck and bristles then rinse off and shave normally.
Alternatively, don't rinse off, leave the residue of pre-shave liquid on your face and apply your shaving lather on top and shave normally.
Some users report amazingly close shaves when they have used this pre-shave oil (only) on a final pass, others add a drop or two into their lather to improve lubrication and skin protection.

A great value set to prepare you for the perfect shave.

Our pre-shave oil will aid the razor in gliding effortlessly through your stubble while our shaving cream will hydrate and lubricate your skin, leaving it feeling soothed, cool, soft and supple after your shave.

Fuar Ach Snog Minty Shaving Cream 200ml

Fuar Ach Snog Minty Water Soluble Pre-Shave Oil 150ml
Aqua, Glycerine, Potassium oleate, Potassium cocoate, Potassium castorate, Parfum (blended essential oils), Limonene, Linalool.

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