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Razors for Beginners

Razors For Beginners

Razors for beginners features the best safety razors for those new to wet shaving. If you are moving from a cartridge razor, such as Gillette or Wilkinson Sword, check out the OneBlade razors.

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Best Safety Razors For Beginners | Best Razor Blades For Beginners | Best Straight Razors For Beginners | Best Razors For Teenagers to Use

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This Razors for Beginners category focuses on the best razors for beginners and those new to wet shaving.

We have carefully selected the best safety razors and the best razor blades for beginners from all our products in order to help make that first step in to the world of wet shaving as easily and hassle free as possible.

If you are in your teens, or if you are buying for a young son who is just beginning to start shaving, then a safety razor may not be the best starting point. We recommend you check out our selection of the Best Razors for Teenagers To Use instead, which features cartridge razors with only two blades in them. After a few months using this type of razor you will be ready to step up to a safety razor as detailed in the Best Safety Razors for Beginners category.

For those of you who are looking to take a first step in to the world of cut throat razor or straight razor shaving, we have selected the Best Straight Razors For Beginners new to this fascinating world of shaving. Don’t be tempted to waste your money on an inferior razor, or one that is overpriced, instead check out our selection of straight razors for beginners before taking that first step. Read our Teenage and Acne Prone Skin Shaving blog post for more indepth advice on this.

From the wide selection of razor blades available today, we focus on what experience has taught us are the Best Blades for Beginners to start shaving with. The choice of which razor blade to use is a very personal one and varies greatly from person to person. So, start off with one of our suggested blades and then experiment with other blades.

Finally, if you want to save time and money, instead of browsing through all the different products one at a time, check out our Complete Shaving Sets for Beginners. Each of these sets contain all the products you need to get a close, comfortable shave without any irritation.

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