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Best Razor Blades For Beginners

Best Razor Blades For Beginners

Preference of razor blade is a very personal choice, however, Personna razor blades are extremely high-quality blades that deliver a very close, yet comfortable shave. We recommend them to all shavers regardless of experience. Try the variety packs to compare other blades and find one that suits you.

Browse our full range of razor blades. If you need any help or advice call us on +44 (0)141 880 3040 or use the We are here! Livechat function on the website.

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  1. Beginners Safety Razor Blade Variety Pack
    Beginners Safety Razor Blade Variety Pack
    The Executive Shaving Company
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One question that we are asked every day is, ‘what is the best razor blade to shave with?’
Pairing the right razor blade with your razor so that your shave feels comfortable and irritation free is an intensely personal choice. Ask any number of wet shavers and you will get as many different answers back.

Initially there is a a little bit of trial and error, however, at the Executive Shaving company we always recommend using Personna blades to begin with regardless of shaving experience. These blades are sharp, but don’t irritate the skin the same way other blades can.

One of the best ways to find that ‘sweet’ blade for you is to try several different blades over a few months. This way you can compare the advantages and disadvantages of each brand of blade. Our Razor Blade Variety Pack has been created to contain the best blades we stock, so you can compare each of them. The pack includes one full packet each of Personna, Feather, Astra, Gillette Silver Blue, Derby Extra and Wilkinson Sword razor blades.

If you prefer the Gillette razor blades check out the Gillette Razor Blade Triple Pack, which contains one packet each of Gillette Silver Blue, Gillette & O’clock SharpEdge Yellow and Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless Green razor blades.

If you have any queries about anything at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
You can 'phone us on +44 (0)141 880 3040, email us [email protected], use the We are here! Livechat function on the website, or you can join our Facebook Diamond Club for advice, recommendations, new product launches and more.