The Executive Shaving Co. Environmental Policy

Last Reviewed: 20/4/2022

Next Review Due: 20/4/2023

Mission Statement

At The Executive Shaving Co. we recognize our impact on the environment and will continually strive to reduce that impact; working with all stakeholders to review current practices and methodologies to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and continually improve on those benchmarks.

Policy Aims

We will ensure we:

Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, where relevant.

Continually review and improve our environmental performance, to reduce our impact on the environment.

Ensure environmental factors are considered as a priority within any business decisions

Continually review and improve all stakeholders awareness


We reuse and recycle packaging every day. Where possible all packaging from our suppliers is reused for customers’ orders.

We use biodegradable chips made from cornstarch and brown paper as void fill in our customers’ orders.

If you receive any bubble wrap or plastic air fill pockets in your delivery, it has come from a delivery made to our warehouse. We prefer to reuse this resource rather than throw it out, hopefully you can find a use for it too.

We currently use paper tape to seal boxes.

The paper your invoice is printed on is recycled paper.

Our range of Own Branded Products are packed in recyclable containers and we are investigating how to make them all 100% recyclable.

Twice a week bulk paper and cardboard is collected from our warehouse to be recycled back in to packaging.

We recycle single use plastic packaging, bottles and film, through our local recycle centre.

People & Culture

All business stakeholders will be involved in the implementation of this policy, for full commitment and improving standards.

All staff will be provided with relevant environmental training.

We will review our current and future suppliers environmental credentials.

Where possible we will use locally sourced labour and materials to reduce potential emissions and support our local community.

Ongoing Awareness of Environmental Issues

We regularly engage with all business stakeholders to ensure best practice in implementation.

We will continue to engage with all business stakeholders to improve environmental performance.

We will review this policy on a regular basis to ensure standards are maintained and exceeded.

If you have any queries about our Environmental Policy get in touch here: [email protected]