Are you a person who wants to feel powerful yet approachable?

If so, then Rannoch is the scent for you. It's a rich, warm and alluring fragrance that will make you feel like greatness. It conveys a depth of confidence and character that is both familiar and inviting.

Top notes of Plum, Cardamom, Juniper and Bitter Orange deliver a beautiful warm sweetness with a touch of sharp citrus to tease the senses. The heart blends a subtle dose of Rose, Geranium and Violet with a spicy, exotic edge before drying down with the ever enchanting note of Oud. Leather and Cedar add some intrigue while Patchouli creates some depth before Tonka Bean adds a warmth and sweetness.

This fragrance was designed for those who want to feel powerful yet approachable at the same time. It's perfect for work or play—and can be worn by everyone!

If you're ready to try it out yourself, it’s available in 100ml and 10ml for you!

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