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For many guys excessive back and body hair can be real turn off. The hairy chested look of the 1970s has been replaced by a smoother, more sculpted look. Whether it is on the beach or down at the gym, guys want to look and feel their best.

The baKblade Shaver

To help you achieve that body sculpted look, the baKblade back and body shaver was developed to enable you to shave body hair quickly, and easily. The special folding handle is designed for maximum comfort, grip and ergonomics for those hard to reach areas. The patented DryGlide blades have an extra wide head that allow for over three times the coverage of average cartridge razor heads. You can use the baKblade either wet or dry for great results.
Check out this instructional video to discover just how easy it is to use:

The Cleancut Shaver

For those more intimate areas of the body use a Cleancut dry shaver. This shaver gives you more control and more precision. Use it with Wakodo dusting powder to shave down stubble to a soft smooth finish.

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