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Cut Throat Razors and Straight Razors

Welcome to our range of cut throat razors, straight razors and disposable blade straight razors.

Cut throat razors are also known as straight razors, open razors and traditional straight razors.

Need advice on what to choose, call us on 0141 880 3040.

Cut Throat and Straight Razors

We have carefully put together a select range of traditional cut throat razors for you to browse through. We work closely with Thiers-Issard from France, Revisor, Dovo and Muhle, all from Germany, to ensure we get the best Sheffield steel razors made today.

Please remember, shaving with a Straight Razor, or Cut Throat requires a skilled shaving technique and a lot of practice. For the best advice on how to use a cut throat, or straight razor, call us on 0141 880 3040, or email us at

Shaving with a cut throat razor requires a skilled shaving technique, this method of shaving with a cut throat razor or straight razor is the most traditional and is argued by some traditionalists as "The only way to wet shave".

The blade of a cut throat shaving razor is made of steel, the handles, called scales, of a traditional cut throat razor are usually made from wood, acrylic, or horn.

We have a great selection of the world’s finest traditional shaving razors from Dovo, Thiers-Issard, Revisor and Muhle.

Disposable Blade Straight Razors

Feather Artist Club Straight Razors
Feather Artist Club Razors are the ultimate 'replaceable blade' cut throat straight razor. No need for stropping and honing, simply change the blade when it dulls.

They are made in Japan by Jatai, the world leaders in the manufacture of modern, top end shaving razors and blades. Feather Blades for the Artist range of straight razors are without doubt the sharpest you can buy; these razors will give you the closest shave possible.

The Dovo Shavette Disposable Cut Throat or Straight Razor
The Dovo Shavette is a Straight Razor or Cut Throat Razor that takes the hassle out of straight razor shaving. No stropping and no honing, all you need do is change the blade when required. Get a really close shave every morning. This is 21st century Straight Razor Shaving.

Blade changing is safe and quick.

Choice of Replacement Blades:
Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor Blades
Simply snap a DE blade in two, line the blades up in a Red Blade Holder, slide in into the Shavette and you're ready to shave.

Dovo One Piece Double Edged Straight Razor Blades for use in a Shavette razor
Snap in two; slide the blade into a Black Blade Holder and you're cool to go.

The Dovo Shavette is the ideal tool to start learning how to shave if you intend to go on and use a steel cut throat razor. Learn the Cut Throat Shave without having to spend money on a traditional straight razor, a honing stone, a strop and strop paste. If you enjoy the experience then you can always trade up to a real cut throat razor set. However, don't think the Shavette is less likely to cut your face than a traditional cut throat razor, the blades are very sharp indeed, you will have to concentrate on what you're doing and take your time.

Save time in the morning - no stropping and no honing.

Excellent for travel, the Shavette is very light.

Wonderfully close shaves every time - providing the blade is sharp.

Shavettes for The Barber Shop

Barbers love the Shavette for its simplicity of use and for the hygiene aspects of shaving customers' faces and necks with a Shavette. No need to soak the Shavette in Barbicide between uses just put a new blade in.

Age Restricted Products
As it is illegal to purchase razor blades and razors in the UK when under the age of 18, by purchasing through our website you are confirming that you are over the age of 18, as per our Terms & Conditions.


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