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Shaving Brushes

High quality shaving brushes, choose from Super Badger hair, Silvertip Badger hair, Best Badger hair, Pure Badger hair, Boar hair & Synthetic fibre shaving brushes. Lots of top brands and the superb Executive Shaving range too. Our logo is our guarantee of quality. If you need any help to guide you through our vast selection of shaving brushes, call us on 0141 880 3040.
Made from badger hair, boar hair or synthetic bristles, our shaving brushes can help turn shaving from a chore to a pleasure. Regardless of the type of razor you use to shave with, or the type of cream soap or gel you use, we always recommend you use a shaving brush to apply your shaving lather.

Choose top quality shaving brushes from some of the great brands we stock, including Simpson, Muhle and our own Executive Shaving brand.

Why Use A Shaving Brush?

For an effective, traditional wet shave a badger or synthetic hair shaving brush is required. A shaving brush will help you to create a rich and creamy lather that will protect your face when you shave. Moreover, using a shaving brush will help to soften and lift the whiskers off the face which leads to a closer, comfortable shave.

Our own branded Executive Shaving range of shaving brushes are made for us by the best known shaving brush manufacturer in the U.K. They are good value for money; we buy in huge numbers at a time and the savings we make buying in bulk we pass onto you.

Whether you're looking for a silvertip badger hair shaving brush or a synthetic hair brush, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you are looking for in our vast range. If you need any help or advice please call us on 0141 880 3040.

Online Help
For help deciding which of our shaving brushes is the one for you please follow the links below. As well as providing a valuable insight into the history of the shaving brush, these resources will also explain the different badger hair grades allowing you to make an informed decision.

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