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Shave Well Mirrors

Fog Free Mirrors

If like many men do, you prefer to shave in the shower then you will love our highly practical, anti-mist, fog free shower shaving mirrors.
So easy to use, all you have to do is hold the mirror under a warm shower for a few seconds then hang it on the hook and you're ready to shave no matter how hot your shower is and how long you take to shower and shave.
We even have a travel version which is unbreakable!

The Shave Well fog free mirror has been specially designed to give you a clear, true reflection in the shower, bathroom, on the go, in fact anywhere.

After consulting with a wide range of shavers, Shave Well came up with the design for their mirrors. Simply hold it under a running shower to warm it up and it will not fog up from the shower steam whilst you shave. Because the mirror hangs on its hook, you simply unhook it to clean it if water spots start to appear on it.

Each mirror features a self adhesive hook that allows you to securely hang your mirror up in the shower. The Travel Mirror features a strong suction cup hook. The team at Shave Well have robustly tested their mirrors and repeatedly dropped them, they have yet to break one.

Great Value!
The Shave Well fog free mirrors are also great value, giving you a great shaving mirror for only a modest cost.


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