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OneBlade is based in Austin, Texas. When founded in 2013 they set out to develop the finest shaving razor ever made. They wanted to recreate the perfect barber's shop shave into a safe, attainable and very special morning luxury. Working with the best design and engineering teams, they developed the achingly beautiful, all stainless steel, Genesis Single Edge Razor, the stainless steel and Tritan Hybrid and the more affordable polymer Tritan made Core.
Made to the tightest engineering tolerances, using the finest materials to deliver a first-class shave.
OneBlade razors benefit from a pivoting head that follows the contours of your skin while you shave, there is no learning curve - pick one up, apply lather, load a blade in, and shave.

You can find out more about the OneBlade range on our OneBlade An Introduction page.
If you are not sure which OneBlade is best for you, read this quick guide on our OneBlade razors comparison page.
If you want to find out how best to maintain and clean your OneBlade razor check out our How to Clean Your Razor page.

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