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Muhle was founded back in 1945, in Germany. Since then Muhle has risen to become the world’s leading manufacturers of top-quality razors and shaving brushes. Their R89 safety razor is one of the world’s most popular razors. The Muhle range now includes safety razors, shaving brushes, shaving gift sets and accessories including shaving mugs, shaving bowls and shaving stands. Recently Muhle launched a range of shaving creams, soaps and aftershave splashes. Muhle have everything you need for that perfect shave.

One of Muhle's greatest innovations is its Synthetic Fibre Silvertip shaving brushes. These brushes have all the benefits of high quality, silvertip badger shaving brush but they are made from 100% vegan fibres which are ideal for those with shaving skin problems and those who don't want a badger hair shaving brush. The synthetic fibre silvertip brushes are extremely hardwearing yet very soft and soft on the face.

Simple, fuss-free, typically Germanic styling is a feature of Muhle products, made in Germany, with quality assured.

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