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Castle Forbes

Castle Forbes

Many claim the Castle Forbes shaving creams are the very best you can buy. To ensure the highest level of consistency and quality across their shaving creams, Castle Forbes only make batches of 500 pots of each product at any one time. This is to ensure each product is manufactured exactly to the exceptionally high standards Castle Forbes demand.

Their men’s Eau de Parfums are incredible too, long-lasting and adored by men and women alike. You’ll love Castle Forbes as much as we do.

To complement their fragrances, Castle Forbes developed a range of high quality shaving creams and balms. These shaving creams are created in the magical highlands of Scotland using only the finest ingredients.

This refreshing range of essential oil shaving creams with their natural fragrances are simply perfect. Choose from the mystical 1445, Limes, Cedarwood and Sandalwood and soothing Lavender.

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