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Captain Fawcett

Captain Fawcett

OVer the last few years sales of beard care products have declined. As a result we decided to stop stocking Captain Fawcett products. You can use this link to find our current range of Beard Care Products.

The very best in Beard & Moustache Care.
Captain Fawcett products are handmade and natural.
Purveyors of first class Gentleman’s grooming requisites.

The Captain Fawcett beard care range includes superior quality grooming essentials, all based on the remarkable journals of Captain Peabody Fawcett R.N Ret’d. Maintaining the health and well-being of your beard or moustache is essential and Captain Fawcett's beard oils, moustache waxes and combs will keep your facial forest neat, tidy, smelling great and very strokable.

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