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Above the Tie

Unfortunately, due to changes in ownership at Above the Tie we are no longer able to stock their range of razors. Instead you can view our own Outlaw Stainless Steel razors here.

Above the Tie machine tool razors from their base in Tennessee, USA. Each razor head is hand-milled from high grade stainless steel, to high tolerances creating some truly remarkable razors. ATT produce double edge, single edge and slant head razors.

Each Above the Tie razor is unique, they feature different levels of aggression – Mild, Regular and Heavy. The Mild (M) razors give a gentle shave, the Regular (R) razors give a mid-aggressive shave and are the most versatile, whilst the Heavy (H) razors are the most aggressive and give a very close shave.

There are also different handle designs you can choose from too, the Atlas, the Kronos and the Bamboo as well as unique inkwell razor stands to complete the look.

We also stock 5 and 7 piece gift sets, and the stunning Windsor range of highly polished stainless steel and copper razors.
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If you have any queries at all about buy an Above the Tie razor do not hesitate, call us on 0141 880 3040 to discuss, or email us directly at [email protected].

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