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Fitjar Islands

Fitjar is back!
Having stopped production back in June 2013, Jorunn the soap maker started cooking again in Spring 2016. We are delighted to announce that we will be one of the very first retailers to stock Fitjar products again. As Jorunn adds more of her classic products back in to the range we will list them as they become available.
Check out what is now available below.

About Fitjar
Fitjar Soap is a small, artisan company that was founded in Fitjar, Norway in 2002. All Fitjar shaving products are made from natural ingredients, without any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. They are suitable for all skin types, last a long time and are known for their amazing scents.
Handmade in Fitjar, Norway by Jorunn the soap maker and her little helpers.
Fitjar use only the purest of ingredients without compromise, they add no fillers, no artificial colourings and the scents are derived from essential oils.
Fitjar products are made to order in small batches to ensure the quality standards they are known for are maintained. This tiny, artisan company are known to wet shavers worldwide for all the right reasons, try a shaving cream or soap, you will not be disappointed.
Highly recommended by The Executive Shaving Company.


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